The Importance of Collecting Information of Visitors in an Exhibition

Collecting information about the visitors coming to your trade show displays is important. It is because there can be a chance that the demand does not just stop at the time of the exhibition only, but it will increase after the exhibition is over. It has been recorded that at least the demand of business products can increase by 40% after a brand of the business promotes in an exhibition. Therefore, it is necessary to build relationships between businesses and consumers at the time to visit the exhibition.

Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by most businesses. When they get consumers through an exhibition, then should it not be released for granted. Visitors who came to the stand, either with the intention of buying a product or just look should be recorded for purposes of follow-up or offer at a later date. Make some kind of a questionnaire or a simple form with their name, address, contact, and other information to be filled in by visitors. Prepare the card so that they are easier to find the information at a later date.