Ability hotel reservations

Today nearly 80% of the guests who come and stay at a hotel with a previous reservation process. Rarely guests speculated to come to a hotel and looking for a room to stay on the spot, because there is now software that acts for a hotel software reservation process visitors, What else during the high season or season-high room occupancy levels. Ability to be dominated by the reservation clerk include:

1. Mechanical accept and reject the reservation,

2. Inform, obtain data accurately,

3. Enter data into the reservation records,

4. Respond demanders room price cuts,

5. Mengarsif reservation,

6. Develop reports.

Although with the hotel software then you do not need special skills for ASI Front Desk will provide you training using guide books. The core of the receipt and processing activities reservation is when officers asked information on demand needs of the prospective guest rooms, as well as data such as

1. Name of the guests,

2. The address, phone number

3. For the period when

4. The Party who can be contacted

5. Special request,

6. Guarantee reservation,