Electric Cigarette’s Atomizer and Drip

Electronic Cigarette is an innovation of the form of modern conventional tobacco into cigarettes. The atomizer of e cigs is different depending on the brand, but the main function is the atomizer produces heat which can make for a liquid to a vapor is inhaled. In the atomizer there cables or axis in the form of wire that generates heat when electrified.

The atomizer is composed of:

– Tube
Tube or tube tank containing the liquid to be heated and produces steam to be sucked

– Power Button
Located at the bottom, press the button while sucking to produce smoke. If not pressed the smoke will not come out even smoked strong as any

So, what is it drip? Drip or drip tip part to suck vapors that occur when you use the electric cigarette.

That is the definition of atomizer and drip which is a part of e-cigarettes.