Several Benefits you can get from Acupuncture Treatment

There are several versions of acupuncture namely acupressure which is in a way to acupuncture massage, Mok sib Asi or moksha which is done by burning, and aquapuncture done by injecting water. In spite of being divided into those versions, all of them use the same tools which are the acupuncture needles. Acupuncture needles are made of thin stainless steel. Actually, acupuncture needling is the principle of treatment is done by stimulating certain points on the human body. That is why, currently, the needle is still applicable for all ages to treat various diseases complaints. After understanding more about the acupuncture needles, now, let us again understood better the benefits and efficacy of the acupuncture tucson.

– Body slimming

Acupuncture can also be used for weight loss. Namely by targeting the thalamus and the hypothalamus part of the brain that are both instrumental in arranging the problem of hunger, thirst, heart rate, regulating the hours of sleep, sexual desire, the digestive system, as well as controlling the fluid balance in the body. By doing needling on both the part, hence the desire to eat can be controlled. A practitioner explained that acupuncture stabbing at that point can make people who normally eat two plates would eat one plate only. And that person will be sick if forced to. If you want to perform acupuncture for slimming more effectively, stabbing carried out on the body of a lot of fat, such as arms, thighs, and abdomen.

– Enhancement of the effectiveness of medicines

In a study, it is known that a reduction in the dose and coupled with acupuncture can reduce drug side effects such as nausea, weight changes and also decrease sex drive. Not only that, acupuncture is also useful to negate the effects of radiation generated during therapy. The acupuncture can be useful to reduce some of the side effects that occur mainly disorders like dry mouth and nausea that often occurs when a person often receive radiation to the neck and head. In a study mentioned that patients undergoing radiation treatment have a smaller effect in terms of the negative side effects of the radiation, though the side effects are still there. However, the effect is not overwhelming if accompanied by acupuncture.