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Washington Nationals Players

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All Washington Nationals Players

Brad Wilkerson 72 200 1:6:1977
Jamey Carroll 70 175 18:2:1974
Jose Guillen 71 165 17:5:1976
Jose Guillen 71 165 17:5:1976
Vinny Castilla 73 185 4:7:1967
Vinny Castilla 73 185 4:7:1967
Brian Schneider 73 200 26:11:1976
Cristian Guzman 72 195 21:3:1978
Livan Hernandez 74 220 20:2:1975
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Get all the latest Nationals players and teamname news.


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National's Spring Training Tidbits
Bleacher Report, CA

Today (Sunday) is the day all players involved in the WBC must report, and all indications are that he's still at home pouting. So even if he chooses to report at some point, I doubt he'd be welcome, by either the Nationals' players, the front office, ...
Identity problem for MLB Washington Times
Report: Trainer Puts Blame On MLB On Prospect's Age Fraud AHN
all 10 news articles


Report: Nats' GM being investigated
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA

The team isn't sure if the illness stems from something the players ate, a virus going around the clubhouse or some other factor. ... Left-hander Odalis Perez was a no-show at the Nationals' camp, the last day for players to report without facing the ...
Feds investigating Nats GM Bowden MLB.com
Feds expanding probe of longtime GM Bowden for bonus skimming SI.com
Odalis Perez a no-show at Washington Nationals' training camp The Canadian Press
Washington Times
all 157 news articles

Washington Post

Player to be named
Richmond Times Dispatch, VA

That makes him a player to be named later - and born earlier, too. Nationals President Stan Kasten said this week if the minor-leaguer joins the team in camp, he likely will go by the name Carlos Alvarez. "I think those are the two he goes by. ...
Taken for a Ride by 'González' Washington Post
Leading Nationals prospect from DR faked age, name San Jose Mercury News
Nationals Prospect’s Fraud Symptomatic of Corrupt Dominican System findingDulcinea
Washington Times - ESPN
all 344 news articles

Teixeira's Contract Is Not That Big a Deal in New York
Washington Post, United States

He is, in fact, precisely the kind of hitter who would have fundamentally changed the lineup of the 102-loss Nationals. Around baseball, the notion that Washington was a serious player for Teixeira's services is still met with a skeptical eye. ...
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