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American League East American League Cental American League West
Toronto Cleveland Oakland
Tampa Bay Kansas City Anaheim
Baltimore Minnesota Seattle
Boston Detroit Texas
New York Chicago  
National League East National League Central National League West
Atlanta Houston Los Angeles
Washington Milwaukee Arizona
Florida St. Loius San Francisco
New York Chicago San Diego
Philadelphia Pittsburgh Colorado
Montreal ( Till 2005 ) Cincinnati  

All Major League Baseball (MLB) Teams are based in different cities apart from the Mets, Yankees and the Cubs, White Sox, who are based in New York City and Chicago respectively. Major League Baseball (MLB) teams move to cities where their owners think they can get the most support from the residents and the local government. It's a business to them and eventually America gets to enjoy it's favorite pastime, baseball. All Major Cities around the United States have at least one baseball team. Washington has not had a Major League Baseball (MLB) team since the mid 20th century when the Washington Senators played there. Now from the 2005 season onwards the former Montreal Expos now known as the Washington Nationals will play in the District of Columbia. Check out the information about all these major cities including, hotels, dining, sports arena's, sports and baseball teams, etc.